Thursday, December 21, 2006


Christmas in Britain kicks the ass of Christmas in the U.S. because of the number of booze-laden products available: mulled wine, mince pies with brandy in them, Christmas pudding with cognac in it, rum sauce to put on my brandy mince pies and cognac Christmas puddings! Woot! If anyone needs me, I'll be lying on the floor.


Anonymous said...

Oh sure, you nake fun of my mulled wine in a coloumn years ago, but now that it's britishy it's OK. Hey man, if you didn't like my mulled wine you could have told me to my face.
It was pretty boozy though. Mmmmm...booze.

Chris Cope said...

Yes, but you didn't sell it as mulled wine. You made it out to be some Swedish thing. Here, let's review how Chris' brain works:
Britishy stuff = Good
Swedishy stuff = Don't care

tuckmac said...

Not only are a plethora "booze-laden" products available in Britain, you're also pretty much required to consume them in excess.

I worked as a bartender for two years over there and noticed a distinct pattern to "Holiday imbibing."

On Christmas Eve, the pubs would be packed with people trying to "drink up the courage" to deal with extended family (or even their regular family) and "Boxing Day" on the 26th was also packed with drinkers "recovering" from dealing with their families.

Have fun. By the way, my wife and I LOVED your marvellous "Christmas Message" and agreed that your Child Bride was much more the star than you!


Brian said...

We used to have this woman at work that brought in a rum cake that was positively marinated in delicious Captain Morgan. Two bites of that and you were buzzing like the overhead lights.

Oh, and this all takes place at an elementary school, in case I didn't mention that.

Astrid said...

Haha ... yeah, I have noticed as well ... the English people must have the merriest X-mas.

Astrid said...

This must have been the funniest and most truthful thing I have read all day, so I copied and pasted it and send it off to New Zealand (didn't forget to mention your name with it).

Astrid said...

And now you have me replying to this post two (plus a bonus one) times already! Haha .. can you imagine how much I love this post! Silly me!