Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas cards

We got Christmas cards today from the Phins, and the Johnsons. I mention that just so they will know that the cards have been received and are muchly appreciated. We're putting all our cards on the modern hearth -- the television -- and are now running out of space, so we don't feel too lonely this Christmas.

For our part, we've been ridiculously slow in sending out cards. We got out all the ones to family last week, but I was still sending a few to friends today.



Jenny said...

Holy smokes, we have our own freaking tag. Rock on.

We also got your amazing parcel and card the other day, THANK YOU! I will dedicate a blog post to the wonder of our Welshy Christmas gifts rather than say too much now.

Astrid said...

I have placed all my X-Mas cards under our X-Mas tree and will open them all on X-Mas day itself. I reckon it'll be a lot of fun opening them with all my presents and will make me feel immensely popular as well. What color of wrapping-paper seems to be in fashion under your tree this year, Chris?

mo** said...

no contest this year?!!?
i can't believe it's already been a year- I feel like I should send you a card this year too...tell me where?!