Friday, December 22, 2006

The death of bullet points

I've finally been switched over to Blogger Beta, which is now apparently no longer Beta. It's just Blogger. So, nothing's changed. In honour of this switch (if it has, in fact, occurred), I've decided to become a conformist and start using the labels feature. The sad result of this, however, is that it makes my system of using bullet points in a post a bit silly. With labels, I should be creating an entirely new post for each separate idea, even if the idea is as simple as "Dude, look at this thing" (and I should probably create a label called "Dude look at this"). Long bullet-pointed posts addressing a number of topics wouldn't be as efficient.

And, you know, efficiency is really important on this blog. It's an international resource.

Also, you'll note that I now have an AdSense box on this blog. I'm still not entirely comfortable with the idea of advertising, though, so it may be temporary. I have long hated advertisers and salespeople (my railing against the latter is what got me fired at KOLO and in part what eliminated my chances of promotion in every other media job I've held), so I feel scummy and duplicitous for allowing an ad box to exist on my blog. I still refuse to visit any site that has pop-ups or pop-unders.

But like all other bloggers, writers and air breathers, I entertain delusions of importance; I dream of being paid for all the nonsense I put out. Hopefully you will find AdSense to be relatively unobtrusive. If not, please let me know.

It's not as if it matters, anyway. I've had an AdSense box on Good Name for a Band for two months and it has reaped a whopping $0.53 for me. With boxes now on all my blogs, I may see a profit of $0.90 a month. Since AdSense doesn't pay out until I've earned at least $100, I won't see a check until I'm in my 40s. Considering how fast the dollar is plummeting against the pound that means I'll be able to buy a packet of Tesco chocolate biscuits.



Anonymous said...

The real fun comes when you get obsessive enough (and, yes, you will one night, most likely drunk) to go back and categorize all your archived posts. It's really the high point of narcissistic blogging, deciding whether a three-year old post on llama handjobs should be labelled as 'health concern' or 'party favour' ('u' included to give you that at-home feeling). So that's something to look forward to

Chris Cope said...

It's definitely a party favour. Now I'm trying to think of how to work in some stupid remark about llamas spitting...

Lucky said...

I clicked on your adsense box, just to get you that much closer to the lofty goal of $100.

It took me to some weird edutainment site. Damn you. Now I'm slightly smarter and slightly entertained. ;)

concerning "-30-", a friend of mine had a baseball bat for home defense with that painted on the business end.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Dude, you get LABELS? How do you get to be a chosen one for this beta thing? Apparently I'm not special enough yet.