Monday, December 4, 2006

Marw yn yr harnais

  • My apologies for not joining the group of bloggers that met Saturday in London. I really wanted to go; but lately I have been under a suffocating depression that doesn't make me the best of conversation. Coursework is also kicking my ass.

  • Has anyone else noticed that EastEnders seems to have taken on a few pro-wrestling writers? I am still confused by Ruby's heel turn, Sean's face turn, Ian's instantaneous heel-to-face turn and Pauline's ridiculously see-through wickedness.

  • Somewhere in conservative America, I am sure, a hack radio host is working him- or herself close to a stroke over Gwyneth Paltrow. Obviously, though, Gwyneth hasn't ever met a Cardiff teenager (I refer you to the case of Cleveland, Oahu).

    Curly said...

    Sorry you couldn't make it along on Saturday. I think we'll have to organise one in Cardiff sometime.

    Depression can be sorted by walking along St.Marys at 3am on a Sunday morning,you'll immediately cheer up as you're not as bad as anyone else on that street.

    Anonymous said...

    Remember, don't turn to drinking if you're depressed...unless of course you wish to be drunk.

    Anonymous said...

    Paltrow can, in the words of Proust, eat a dick.