Thursday, December 28, 2006

Oh, hey, how are you? I wasn't expecting anyone to drop by. No, no, come in. Sorry about the smell. Are you hungry? I have some mince pies left...

Ever notice that you get listed as blog of the day when you're doing fuck all? And now I feel this tremendous pressure to come up with something brilliant. My immediate thought is to film myself doing something really stupid, like setting fire to my hand.

While I'm thinking of something, I encourage you to check out the "second-hand Redd Foxx anecdote" that City Pages referenced.

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TotallyHappened said...

Hey! I think one of the first times I ever came to your blog was when you were blog of the day a couple of years ago. This is a big moment for us Chris, eh?

Like how I squeeze myself into your big moment? I'm like that.

Congrats! :)