Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Don't you blaspheme in here

BlasphemyInspired by Monday's post that referenced blasphemy, I took a handful of self portraits today using the light in my study as a sort of God light. These pictures are a good example that I amuse myself far more than perhaps I should.

I think my favourite picture is this one, where I was trying to go for the fear-of-God look, but instead I came across as being sort of agitated with and sceptical of The Alpha And The Omega. I'm so amused by it, that it's now the profile photo on my Welsh blog.

As bad-ass as we would all like to believe ourselves to be, I doubt very much, though, that it's the face anyone would have when confronted by their creator. Well, perhaps Cain had that face, but he was thick as a plank.

I'm also amused with this picture, which looks like the sort of thing one would see on a 1960s album cover (a bit like those used on Leonard Nimoy albums). Extra points for those of you who can think up a title for an album that would fit my pontificating pose. I was thinking either: "The Many Moods of Chris Cope," or, "Unexpectedness."

And to answer Lucky's question from a few days ago, yes, most of the pictures I take of myself are with my left side facing the camera, giving me a sort of Paris Hilton quality. But it's not wholly intentional. Obviously, the pictures are all taken at arm's length, and I've found that it's just easier for me to take pictures with my left hand than my right.


Anonymous said...

We're getting the band back together.

~the editor

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with this post, but I wanted you and Rachel to know that it is supposed to be below zero for the next 4 or 5 days - kinda makes you miss Minnesota, huh?

Neal said...

Someone should invent an arm extender to allow for slightly-longer-than-arm's-length shots...

Huw said...

Your new profile picture scares me in some indescribable way.

Crystal said...

your fear-of-God picture looks like you are considering catching a football.

your album cover looks like you are rapping and rasing the roof.