Thursday, January 11, 2007

Someone needs to go back to ad-writing school

I just spotted an ad on my blog that reads:
Is Jesus God?
No, he is the Son of God. See what the Bible says. Free articles.

Why? You just told me what the Bible says. I don't even need to click the ad now -- I don't need any free articles when you've summed them all up for me in one sentence. At least you've saved me several hours of reading. Now I can get back to my Danielle Steel novels.


Anonymous said...

The one when I loaded the page just now said, "And God said, 'Play ball!.' Gifts were sports and Jesus meet". OK, now that's more lame than usual. I don't Jesus gives a fuck who wins the pennant, and if he exists, I'm guessing that people who pray for their team to win are big-time assholes. I'd like to see a vision that went something like this:

"Um, Bob from San Jose? There's thousands of people being murdered in Darfur. Why don't you forget about the Sharks for a minute and I dunno, pray for world peace or something. Asshat."

heatherfeather said...

mine said "how should you pray? what prayers does God answer?" there was one other question.

from what i know about xtianity (only from the catholic perspective, granted) jesus is actually god - the son of god the father, the second person of the mystery of the trinity. god, the one god, is made up of 3 parts - god the father, god the son, and god the holy spirit. for very confusion (nice dependent clause, heather), the holy spirit is the embodiment of the love of god the father and god the son.

if that doesn't make sense, that's why it's a mystery.

Chris Cope said...

Speaking of Jesus, I would like to thank Him that relatively few evangelical nut jobs tend to come across my site. If they did, we would almost certainly have kicked off the Mother of All Flame Wars here.

For some reason I seem to draw people who want to convert me to this thing or that thing, so here are the three basic theories I've heard over time (keeping in mind that I've heard some pretty broad variation):

1) Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit are three different things. They are wholly separate entities in the way that me, Heather, and Spanish King Juan Carlos are different.

2) They're different but in a way that's kind of hard for you to understand. I call this the Light Theory. If you stand outside, you are experiencing three different types of light -- visual, ultraviolet and infrared. In a semantic way these things are different but its all light and you can't really separate them.

3) They're all the same thing. My name is James Christian Cope; I will respond to any or all of those names but you'll always get the same bloke.

In my personal terms, exactly who/what/how many there is/are is something that has always been irrelevant. It's shallow perhaps, but I don't really care if when I die I am met by one bloke, or a bloke and his son, or a bloke and his son and some floaty thing, or every person to ever work at the Mission Hills In-N-Out Burger. As long as there is someone/something there, and they are nice and don't do nasty things to me, I'll be happy.

heatherfeather said...

i think that it would be awesome if heaven were in-n-out.

in fact, i'll go there for lunch today.

Neal said...

You were saved from several hours of reading. Being saved is the important thing...the ad accomplished it´s goal.