Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thanks Jade Goody, Whoever You Are

My latest column is out and it contains some of my all-time favourite lines, including: "Crikey, immigrants are a bit frightening, aren't they?" and "Imagine a TV show that takes Flo from 1970s sitcom 'Alice,' NFL referee Ed Hochuli, some bloke who dated Carrie Underwood in high school and a handful of other people you've never heard of and pits them against one another in competitive bass fishing."


Wierdo said...

Feeling free to interpret the column as I want, what your saying is that the important things are as important as the little things. Therefore, my exam tommorow is as important as my half empty cup of tea (oo, pessimist).

I dont think you said anything of the sort but having not slept enough i've decided not to try and work it out properly and have my own meaning to everything. Bah

tuckmac said...

Very good article. My wife just came back from visiting home (England) and actually asked me if I knew about Jade. I said, "Love, you're back in America now." She, sheepishly, "Oh, right."

-- T

Brian said...

Ahh, Jade Goody. I had almost forgotten thee.

I was in the UK for a few weeks during the summer of '02 and I somehow got to catch the last week or two of Big Bruvvah, as she called it.

Jade was like this awful, wonderful thing that I couldn't quite comprehend and, more importantly, escape. She was everywhere, on several TV shows and just about every damn tabloid Britain produces.

The Brits likes some fucked-up celebrities, that's for damn sure.

Sassy Sundry said...

She sounds like quite the bitch, from what I've been reading. She can kiss my grits.

Anonymous said...

Reading Cope's Jan. 23, 2007 topic doesn't add much to the Clebrity Big Brother discussion, but does give a glimpse into the George Bush World Mr. Cope inhabits. Since Shilpa Shetty doesn't play the Iowa State Fair, she is unknown to him. In fact, Shilpa is familiar to a billion people atound the world as a beautiful actress and dancer, and a powerful advocate for social justice. You might want to drop your pitchfork, change out of your overalls, and look beyond the picket fence, Mr. Cope. It's a strange world out there.

Anonymous said...

Hear that Copey.

That's the shot heard 'atound' the world. There's a reckoning coming for you picket fence wearing, Welsh loving, Bushieshites.

That's right, strip off your overall pants and plunge naked into the freezing waters of controversy. See your Iowa corn fed, know nothing opinions shrivel up before your very eyes.

I always knew you were one of them, but now Anonymous has spoken the harsh words that lay in all our hearts.

Shame, SHAME!

I swear, one day this internet of ours will kill us all, or failing that I will.

Big Primpin' said...

What goes atound, comes atound, Cope.

And I agree with anonymous. Literally dozens -- nay, hundreds -- of people have heard of Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Has anon figured out that Chris not only lives in Wales but is truly fascinated by all things British. Oh, and has he/she looked outside his/her worldlier than thou bubble and seen the absolutely shitty numbers for Bush in the polls. Yeah, we love him. Hell, even republicans are turning on him.
Go Hawkeyes!

Chris Cope said...

I'm guessing that he/she didn't actually read the article. They probably saw the headline, skimmed through it and applied to it their opinion of what they thought an American would say.

Curly said...

What does it take to actually be classified as a celebrity?

Do you have to have a hundred fans in one country? One fan in a hundred countries?

Anon - I didn't know (or had forgotten about) all but two of this years entrants. I'm British. This WAS the UK version of the show, wasn't it?

Gary said...

eric, don't let anyone from Y Rhithfro find out he likes all things British he won't ever be able to show his face in the Mochyn Du again ;)