Friday, January 12, 2007

Vive la 49.65 percent

Google Analytics is my new favourite toy. It's a tracking programme that is supposed to be used with a proper website, but works great in providing far too much information on one's piddly little blog.

For example, I have learned that of the however-many people that visit this site each day, only 49.65 percent of them are returning visitors. I'm assuming that these are people who are actually reading my blog and not simply misguided individuals hitting another dead end whilst Google searching "sex with horses."*

I have learned that while the majority (44.56 percent) of the people visiting this site are from the United States, the people actually reading it tend to be British, Irish, or, strangely, French.

I also seem to have at least one regular visitor in Istanbul, Turkey.

*This post is responsible for 1.15 percent of my readers.


Curly said...

They've released their Page Creator too, that's pretty nifty. Google are doing no wrong at the moment (apart from fucking up blogger and not giving me the new one yet).

Crystal said...

well, i fit into both categories as i found your site by searching sex with horses and i've been returning ever since.

mo** said...

I contribute to the french factor for sure :)