Thursday, January 25, 2007

What were you thinking when you wrote this song, Macy?

On Macy's Gray's On How Life Is album there is a song called "I've Committed Murder," the chorus for which is "I've committed murder and I think I got away..."

Yeah, well you would have, if you hadn't written a fucking song about it. Yeesh.


David T. Macknet said...

Seriously questioning your taste in music now. Or somebody's taste in music, if you're still not listening to your own.

Are the Welsh and their love of poetry getting you down? Feeling the need to listen to gibberish?

Big Primpin' said...

"I blogged about Macy Gray and got away with it." Until I blogged about it.

Crystal said...

you dropped an eff bomb! i'm telling! what the fuck would your mother say if she knew you wrote that way?!

Emma said...

Bizarrely, I just tried to get my dog to pick out a CD for me to listen to with her nose (don't ask). She chose that very album, under a layer of dust since I last listened to it circa 2001. Then I clicked on your blog and read this - spooky.

Oh, and the £200 - have you not discovered the joys of Lidl and Splott Marche?

heatherfeather said...

you may have noticed i already mocked macy gray on your blog.

while you were busy mocking janet.

Sassy Sundry said...

Damnit. I had forgotten all about her.