Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Holding On Until Spring

My latest column is out. With references to 1800s British government policy, vinyl records and the Polyphonic Spree, it goes without saying that I've completely missed the teenager demographic with this one. And I am just waiting for someone to send me a nasty e-mail for having insulted the Texas public education system.


Anna said...

1. Is NBC11 like ITV4, but even lower down the budget?
2. Do you think you should let them have a new photograph of you, post-A-Team years?
3. A non-insulting point: have you read Watching the English by Kate Fox? I know the Welsh are a lot cooler, but that English lady talks a lot of sense (like about the weather, and how it's code for "I would like to be friendly towards you, but not so much to have a real conversation about anything that matters"; she also explains the rule that you must NEVER disagree with another British person's comment on the weather).

Anonymous said...

Speaking of budget, I just noticed that there is only one space between sentences. Is that something left over from printed newspapers? I mean really, these columns appear on the internet. How many spaces does it take to increase the file size by one byte? My guess is that it would take more than the number of sentences in the average column. At least they do let you keep your apostrophes.