Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Let's all laugh at Eric's dog

MoondoggyAs the three regular readers of this blog will already know, my best friend, Eric, has a proud tradition of sending me pictures of his dog. And I have a proud tradition of making fun of him for doing so.

Now he's sent me a picture of Bear looking like this. She is biggest geek in all of dogdom. OK, chwarae teg*, I may be partially to blame for her already having been a bit awkward in the dog hierarchy; I taught her Welsh. But this satellite dish is doing her no favours. Bear will never get asked to the dog prom now.

The more amusing picture, however, is this one, where Bear's body is missing. If I weren't so incredibly lazy, I would Photoshop that picture to make it appear that her head has been mounted above some rich chap's fireplace, next to a rhino. As is, the picture has a certain Salvador Dali quality to it. All it needs now is a naked woman, melting in the distance.

(22:52) UPDATE: Weirdo has just sent me this picture that brilliantly interprets the above-mentioned Photoshop (the weird deer picture is what sells it). I'm glad to see that, like me, she's really working hard to earn her university degree.

*"Fair enough" in Welsh


Wierdo said...

You cruel man! It took ages for me to load that other picture, my computer doesn't seem to like maths work either, but it was worth it. I thing that the picture has to be made. I would volenteer but I have...five pieces of work by 10am tommorrow and I am currently starting number one. Damn

Anonymous said...

ya big meanie! Poor Bear!

Anonymous said...

Can Bear enter into Anthony and Dan's contest for most Blog mentions. She's a dark horse but I she's just nutty enough to win. I mean, she knows some Welsh for cripes sakes.

Crystal said...

why are you making fun of him? he is beautiful. like the queen of england.

Neal said...

Does Bear actually speak Welsh or just understand Welsh commands? Can her people actually issue commands in Welsh?

Anonymous said...

She speaks fluent Welsh, though unfortunately, I don't. It all sounds like bark, bark, bark to me. I wish I could get her to speak some English.
Crystal, you're very much on to something as the technical name for the cone is an E-collar, as in Elizabethan collar.
She didn't feel very royal with it on though.

heatherfeather said...

i'm afraid i need to agree - it is the weird deer picture that sells it... excellent work, wierdo!