Sunday, March 18, 2007

Already known as the cultural capital of the Midwest

University work is kicking me in the face and then making fun of me at the moment, so I continue to involuntarily abstain from blogging. All I am capable of is posting links to videos that you can and probably already have found for yourself.

I know that the bread and butter of* blogging is simply linking to other things, or, ideally, linking to someone else's linking of other things, but it seems a bit 2004, doesn't it? I feel this need to produce original content.

Despite that, the whole point of this post is to link to this video. I don't know why, but I really think that Jenny and Chris will enjoy this video the most.

My dad sent me the link**. It's 4:30 of joy over the wonderful land that is the Twin Cities Metro Area. What I love about it are the random conditional facts, like, "Valley Fair is the largest amusement park in the Upper Midwest." That style of making something sound impressive by reducing its perimeters is a popular tactic in tourism -- "Pen y Fan is the highest peak in south Wales." "Arriva Trains service is the most reliable amongst train services that begin and end in Cardiff." "I am the strongest man in my house."

My favourite conditional fact comes at 3:30.

*FTYPAAH: The British love to describe things as "the bread and butter of" something. For example, failing to live up to expectations is the bread and butter of the England football (FTYPAAH: soccer) team.

**He described it as the "cheesiest voice-over since the death of filmstrips."


Elimare said...

I think that guy does the voiceovers for those awful travelogue things you are subjected to on planes.

Afe said...

This is the best blog post I've read all day.

tuckmac said...

I second Afe's comment, and also admit that I then linked to it.

Thanks for the funny.

- T

Jenny said...

You're right, we DO love it! But not in an ironic way, more of an 'OMG why did you ever leave?!' way. Mall of America! Rollerblades! Frickin' dancing!

Also, I think the guy sounds like a young Dick van Dyke.

Anonymous said...

I noticed they never mentioned the bitter cold of December through March. Just left that one out. And how is it always sunny at the Mall? Did they figure out cold fusion? And installed a sun at the mall?

tuckmac said...

Scary fact about the "Mall of America".

There is NO heating system.

None. Nada. Nothin'.

It's in Minnesota, where only six weeks ago we were hitting high temps of -35°C, and there's no heating system.

That's right... Tourists are very very warm. Or something.

Scary no?

-- T