Monday, March 19, 2007


Continuing the Chris-is-too-lazy-to-post-anything-other-than-YouTube-videos theme, but with the twist of it being a video that I actually produced, I give you this. It's a video I made for my Spanish conversation course on how I use the Internet. If you don't speak Spanish, don't worry -- neither do I. It's potentially worth watching, though, just for the part when I shout "¡guapisimo!"

My apologies for the sound quality. Some day I will buy a cool microphone and all my videos will have really slick voiceovers.

For people like Beth, who can actually speak Spanish, I would be interested to know how close I've come to being understandable here.


John said...

Perfectly perfectly understandable, a few slips on the grammar, and it makes me happy to hear a spanish student with reasonable pronunciation. "Gratis" has the stress on the first syllable. "No tengo una vida" would perhaps be better said as "No tengo vida social" to avoid sounding like an english speaker translating directly. "Antes de que vine aquí."

A little thing about word order. I think you did the same thing at the beginning too. "Puedo lo usar" is wrong. "Lo uso = I use it" is fine. When you're using a modal verb, the "lo" tacks onto the end of the main verb, giving "puedo usarlo", or you can have it at the beginning, as "lo puedo usar". Either works.

Me has divertido mucho con tu baile, tú y tu mujer. Gracias. Espero que no te molesten las correcciones, y que continúes con el clase. Te va bien.

tuckmac said...

Sí, Chris... Múy maravioso! Me gusto su video. Yo no estoy seguro... Usted? Guapisimo? Lo siento, pero...


-- Tuckmac

P.S. The last time I took Spanish as a course, was in senior year of high school, so... I admit the above is pretty shaky.

Crystal said...

holy crap. LOVED the guapisimo part!

eres muy guapo!!!

is that correct grammar? no idea. i worked in a restaurant so the only real things i know are "donde esta mi pinche enchiladas, guey" and "no me moleste, guey!"

Anonymous said...

Por el amor de Dios, Chris!! Donde esta tu blog en español? Llevo siguiendo este blog desde antes de que vinieras a Cardiff. Yo estaba pensando trasladarme a Gran Bretaña por entonces. Llegue un poco antes que tu. Ahora estoy viviendo justo enfrente, pero no en Gales sino en Inglaterra, en Bristol.
Y con permiso de la "Child Bride", eres guapisimo!!

Lucy said...

Yikes. You're getting to be awful clever altogether. 'No tengo una vida!' is my new motto!

Rob said...

Dang, bro. I'm impressed.
FWIW: i sometimes tutor native english speakers in spanish pronunciation (and occasionally, spanish speakers in english).
IMO, if you've gotten that far on your accent without professional assistance, you could sound practically native with little effort.

Chris Cope said...

Bryan -- What does FWIW stand for? I'm not particularly hip on letter speak.

My pronunciation comes from the years of growing up watching Spanish-language television (Telemundo, Univision and whatever channels there were in Houston). The adverts for telenovelas have always been particularly amusing to me.

For those who are interested, my Spanish-language blog is

Rob said...

FWIW = for what it's worth

Ditto Univision & Telemundo (and they've go others there now, also: Azteca, etc.) I loove Sabado Gigante -- every time I see it I think of the cheesy line (that actually gets used, believe it or not): Ay, mamacita -- tantas curvas, y yo sin frenos...

Bethgun said...

Excelente, Chris! De veras, estás aprediendo mucho español, y tienes muy buena pronunciación. I'm totally impressed that you have a blog in Spanish already...I never got mine off the ground (more for lack of blogging skills than lack of language skills). I've put it on my netvibes and I'll try to leave comments. Dude, you're totally going to be trilingual before long...with all this practice and all!

PS, can't remember if I ever said it, but seeing the Christmas dancing reminded me that Rachel has totally fabulous hair!

Anonymous said...

Me gusta mucho el video, muy divertido!