Friday, April 20, 2007

Crying while eating

A few months ago, Jenny identified one of the greatest uses of the internet so far: It's a simple concept -- the name says it all -- and it's brilliant. On the site, there is an explanation with each video as to what the person is eating and why they are crying.

Here, I am eating a Marks & Spencer Victoria Sandwich Cake. I am crying because when I tried to explain to Fflur she didn't seem to understand why it was so funny.*

For those of you playing along at home, an interesting fact about the cake I'm eating: According to the box, it's supposed to feed six people. What kind of fuckery is that? I'm not sure whether the fact that I think it is outrageously small speaks more to my American upbringing or simply that I love carbs.

Apologies to Dan, by the way. When his apartment burned down I told him that I would do a Crying While Eating video in which I cried over the loss of all his possessions. I never did that, but he scores a blog point with this mention.

*It's entirely possible that the quality of my Welsh is to blame for that. The way I stammer through sentences, perhaps she thought I was trying to tell her about something else but using the wrong words.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Funny stuff. And, i'm not sure where you're going with the facial hair...but I like it.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think cryingwhileating actually grew out of a contest to see who could quickly reach some sort of pv goal with a nonesense site.

~the editor/historian

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate the blog point, I must admit I got a bit excited to see the title of this entry. I thought "here it finally is!” Then...nothing. Though I can't help but wonder what type of points I'd get for a cryingwhileating video, I'll take the point. In your face Anthony!

And I have a new place now. This one's nice because it's not on fire.

Anonymous said...

Dan sucks. I would cry every time I ate if I sucked as much as Dan.

Apparently I get very childish when I am jealous of points.

Elimare said...

LMAO Chris. If that had been me I would have burst out laughing half way through. But... no tears??

Afe said...

This is the best kind of fuckery.

Anonymous said...

I think it's just perverted.