Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Europe's Dirty Little Secret

In all the fun of having a TV programme about me (you can now catch it online, and it will run again with English subtitles at 21:15 on Saturday), a major European event went unnoticed on this blog.

Fortunately, I have made up for this by writing about it in my latest column.


Anonymous said...

In Ireland we got the full glory of the semi-finals on Thursday night as well. (I think the beeb only show it on bbc3) Now THAT's where the real talent lies. After watching, Switzerland has me convinced that 'Vampires are Alive'.
When the serbian singer came onstage conversation in our house went as follows:
me: Is that KD Lang?
father: Is that a girl?
mother: I thought it was Jack Osbourne.
also the Austrians appeared to have their dancers tethered to entrails that emanated from something that could possibly have been a female body part.

Christopher Phin said...

Do you have a copy of the TV madness saved for your archives/shrine to self? If not, I can easily save it to my hard disk and burn it to a DVD for you.

Started watching it, but it's all in Welsh, innit? Will persevere this evening.

Chris Cope said...

The producer's going to give me a few copies to send to family. Hopefully they will have English subtitles on them. At least you can watch the bits with Eric (at 6:01). That video reminds me of why he's my best friend. He cracks me up when he says: "He knew all sorts of things about Wales. That nobody else cared about."

Huw said...

Incase you ever need it, I have a subtitled copy on VHS. Just say the word if it's ever needed.

Anonymous said...

What's with the porn music?

Sarah Stevenson said...

Dude, c'monnnn.....I can place those states on a map. It's just TODAY'S kids who can't do it.

Huw said...

Heard someone say this today: "...winning Eurovision is something akin to being the head prefect in special school."

Sarah Stevenson said...

I just had a chance to watch the program (yup, I'm a slacker) and I think it's really, really cool. I'm in awe! I know how hard it was for both of you but in the end I'm still cenfigennus o'ch profiad.

It was fun seeing some of the usual blogger suspects in person. Also, love the Blues Brothers shirt.