Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Point Anthony

In my last post I challenged Anthony to come up with 10 things about Italy that Americans should be thankful for. Here they are:

1) Bocce- fun for all, needs no athletic ability and can be played with a Moretti La Rossa in your hand.

2) Frank Sinatra- or should we thank organized crime for funding his career?

3) Pinky rings- masculine when worn by a 300-pound man named Vito.

4) DeNiro, Pacino, Pesci, insert any other Italian actor who starred in sterotypical mob movie that we all love and hate so much.

5) Kissing other men without it being considered gay.

6) That small area of most major cities referred to as "Litle Italy" - Where else can you buy 3 pounds of fresh mozzerella and a stick of pepperoni and it's considered a snack?

7) Great sports heroes like Joe Dimaggio, Yogi Berra and Rocky Marciano.

8) My grandma's lasagna- if you've had it this wouldn't even be a debatable point.

9) Radio Flyer red wagon was invented by an Italian- it was un-American not to have one of those as a kid.

10) And America itself- I will ignore some of the controversy and go with the popular belief that an Italian, Christopher Columbus discovered America.

No. 5 is my favourite. The points battle between Anthony and Dan now stands 2-2. I would award more points to Anthony for this, but that would be unfair since Dan only earned one point for losing everything in a fire.


Anonymous said...

Fair is fair. I had a fire and Anthony's Italian. Why shouldn't you dedicate a whole post to him?

If you can hear that over in Cardiff, it's me storming out of the room.

Surly said...

Sophia Loren