Sunday, July 8, 2007


Does using Transformers to sell cars actually work? Is there actually one person on this earth who thinks: "Damn! I sure love me some Transformers. I love Transformers so much that I'm going to sink thirty-fucking-seven-fucking-thousand dollars into a Buick Lucerne."

Transformers are for people of my generation or younger. Buick Lucernes are for people of my grandparents' generation or older. And it's a fucking car! It's not a toy! I don't like the idea of someone driving around in their Lucerne making little Transformer noises as they drive into a house.

I am torn between who I want to injure more: the person who thought up this marketing scheme, or the person who will buy into it.

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Sarah Stevenson said...

Trust me, the TV commercial is dumb as hell. We were amazed that Transformers would endorse a particular brand of car. I mean, how insidious is that?