Sunday, July 29, 2007


I am amused by this story, about a BBC duo who plan to spend a fortnight travelling across the United States speaking only Spanish.

It reminds me a bit of the Popeth yn Gymraeg challenge of a few years ago, in which Ifor ap Glyn went around these parts using only Welsh. But the Spanish-in-the-USA challenge is considerably easier -- especially when you look at the BBC crew's route. I reckon that one could perform the same task following a route that hugs the U.S.-Canada border; running through places like San Antonio, El Paso, and Nogales will be a cakewalk.

I want the BBC to pay me to do really easy things. Send me to Ireland to discover whether I can find any people who drink Guinness. Lock me in a room with a naked Reese Witherspoon to discover whether I find her attractive.

Spanish speakers can follow their journey via a BBC blog.


tuckmac said...

"Easy" is right. I mean, they may have a bit of a sticky time going through Northern Florida and Alabama and Louisiana, but once they hit Texas it's all gravy. Who planned this route?

Now what would be a really good indicator, is if they could do the same thing coming through the Northern part of the U.S. It's not impossible either... I spent two hours in an Irish-style pub in Minneapolis the other day speaking with Juan, a guy that knew absolutely NO English, and who stretched my limited Spanglish abilities to their limits.

But. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California? Please. Do they actually still speak English down there?

-- Tuckmac

Huw said...

When I travel in Europe, I often try to navigate my way around speaking only English. VERY LOUDLY. AND SLOWLY.

Chris Cope said...

Tuckmac -- Since the storms, the overwhelming majority of people actually moving into the affected areas are Latino. So, Louisiana and parts of Alabama won't even be that hard. Northern Florida might present the oh-so-slightest challenge, but even then not really.

tuckmac said...

Ah... Good point.

I still think Tallahassee is going to be a bit of an issue.

Alabama? Okay, Katrina in Louisiana displaced people, but... Alabama?

Mei said...

How 'bout "Popeth yn Gymraeg - Caernarfon i Bwllheli"?

Peggi Rodgers said...

Whahahahahahaha - I think they'd probably find it more challenging if they traveled that route asking "¿Usted habla inglés?"!