Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy birthday Eric

Being away from the internets this past week meant I didn't get a chance to wish Eric a happy birthday.

Actually, that turns out to be pretty convenient -- it is much easier to with Eric a belated happy birthday than sending good wishes on the day. Because I'm not entirely certain when his birthday is. After 19 years of friendship, I am able to state with unsteady confidence that his birthday falls somewhere between 17 July and 21 July.

That four-day window of possibility is better than I can claim for Paul, who I've known almost as long. I think Paul's birthday falls on 12 October but I could be off by as many as 15 days.


Annie said...

Is Eric the dude who was on your documentary saying "He's not even Welsh!"?

And by the way, did you hear that Posh and Becks made a documentary about their arrival to America recently? Um, copying much?! You should sue for plagiarism.

Chris Cope said...

That is indeed the same Eric, Annie. And, yeah, Posh and Becks are always copying me. I mean, the child bride is a nutjob anorexic and I'm an international soccer player. Gee, I wonder where they get their ideas from.

Unknown said...

My birthday is on the 21st. Thank you for the mention. FYI - we're getting old.

Anonymous said...

Paul's birthday is Oct 11.

I have a freakishly good memory.

I never knew when Eric's b-day was, but happy belated b-day, Eric! At least I got to drink with him on the new patio within the past month. If only he and Ben hadn't drank all the port. Instead I drank a Summit special beer that tasted a little like pine needles.

Esther Wilberforce-Packard said...

Right - Happy Birthday, Eric. And hullo, Sweet Baby Chris.

Somebody got a new patio and I wasn't informed?! See, it's shit like this that makes me stabby.