Monday, July 30, 2007

My pal Rich

I've been in magazines, I've been in newspapers*, I've been on the radio, and I've been on television -- but only now have I finally arrived. Richard Massey is my Facebook friend and he reads this blog.

Or, at least he has read this blog once. Something tells me, though, that Rich (I can call him "Rich" because we're pals now, you see) won't become a regular commenter, helping me come up with good band names and such. He's probably busy doing important things, like fending off the attractive women throwing themselves at him.

Rich, of course, is one of the contestants on BBC Three's "Last Man Standing," which is my favourite TV programme to not feature John Barrowman. If "Last Man Standing" were to somehow incorporate Barrowman, it would become the greatest show ever**. On Saturday, Rich sent me a message via Facebook commenting on the post I wrote about the show. How cool is that? A guy who almost certainly has countless more interesting things to do, took the time to read my piddly little blog. I am obligated now to follow through on my promise to get a T-shirt made that says: "Richard Massey is my Facebook friend." Here is the design I've made for it -- what do you think?

I'll need to get a few other shirts made, too. As it turns out, a number of the guys on "Last Man Standing" are cool like that. Contestants Mark Hoban and Rajko Radovic are also my Facebook friends. Sure, none of them would ever actually speak to me, but that can be said of the overwhelming majority of the people I know through Facebook -- and those people haven't even been in a Zulu stick fight.

*Very randomly, there will be a picture of me holding a sign that says "Oes treiglad yma?" in the South Wales Echo some time in the coming week.

**If James Best (who played Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane in "Dukes of Hazzard"), were somehow also added to the mix, it would create a show that would probably knock me into a coma with its awesomeness.


Bethgun said...

That reminds me, the other day a great band name came to mind:

Purse Full of One-sies

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think Wales has scrambled your brain. But in a good way of course.

Curly said...

That's excellent news - Will we be expecting him along to thanksgiving this year?

Chris Cope said...

Dude. I should invite him.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I have no idea who you are, but I was doing a search on Google about Richard Massey because I saw the show and he is absolutely gorgeous (As I am now seeing that most men from the UK are) and stumbled upon your blog. That is really awesome that he commented on your blog! I guess he only wants to be friends with people from the UK though because he has yet to accept my friend request on facebook :(

Flame said...

ah how lucky for you! keep us posted on that, please.

Really loved that little show, enjoyed it immensely. Have followed up with Richard's blogging as well. Good read. He's quite articulate.

(and i must agree with jennifer here, Richard really does look hmmmmm delicious)

Anonymous said...

What are the guys facebook name things?