Monday, August 6, 2007


I'll be up in North Wales for Eisteddfod for the rest of the week. Although I theoretically could blog via my phone, I almost certainly won't. I have asked the child bride to blog in my absence but she has refused.

I suppose if people really felt like it, they could create their own sort of Chris blog in the comments section. Feel free to blog about things you think I would blog.

Otherwise, I'll see you in a few days. I am currently planning on returning on Thursday night but there's always the off chance that Eisteddfod will be shockingly less sucky than it was last year and I will decide to stay longer. Money and willingness to go days without showering (I'll be sleeping in a tent) will be the key factors in my decision-making.

Hwyl fawr.

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Americanwr said...

I didn't go to last year's sucky Eisteddfod but went today and actually thought it was far less sucky than I expected. I might even pop along to the Maes again before the end of the week...

I hope you have a great time there.