Monday, August 20, 2007

Simultaneously the best and worst thing you'll hear today

100 mp3s of music inspired by the Tijuana Brass sound. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurt deep inside, and then you'll laugh again.


Anna said...

Hi Chris, thought you might enjoy these clips from Youtube: classic Welsh comedy.....

Shadwell by Barry Welsh (also search for Mr Ffff)

Satellite City - Idris, Gwyn and Randy reach the logical conclusion to their endless grumbling:

We grew up with these on S4C, although I hear Sat City is being repeated on a Cymru digital channel!


Anonymous said...

I'm the brilliant lady who discovered Tijuana Brass sheet music in the JHS jazz band library and pulled Tijuana Taxi and Spanish Flea for us to play, among other lost classics, such as the Hustle. And the Shaft theme song. Oh yes. Ah the treasures that lurked in that musty little band library room. One of my bona fide geekdom credentials: band librarian queen.