Monday, September 3, 2007

I got love for you if you were born in the 80s

And suddenly Hilary Duff is my favourite manufactured pop songstress ever.

I know there are one or two gay guys who read my blog, so I won't have to tell them, but it's possible that some of you will not have heard of Hilary Duff, erstwhile star of the Disney-manufactured "Lizzie McGuire."

Like previous Disney spawn, our gal Hilary has broken free of her clean-cut image, developed an eating disorder and is now churning out simple pop songs designed to make it sound like she's not churning out simple pop songs.

None of that matters to me, though, thanks to her latest track, "Danger." Well, I assume it's her latest -- how the hell would I know? It is, at least, the most recent (and only) Hilary Duff track that I've heard.

I've gone to the trouble to upload the track*. Take a quick listen to it and see if you can guess what appeals to me about the song:

Yes. It's that first line: "Were you born in '74?"

As an individual born in 1976 -- and especially an individual born in 1976 who attends university with a load of people born in 1988 -- I wholeheartedly approve of Ms. Duff's decision to sing a song about someone 13 years her elder.

Hilary Duff, you naughty, naughty, lovely young thing you!

*But I will remove it as soon as possible if anyone representing Duff or her record label asks.


Von Linus said...

Why, I'M born in seventy four. Or I was. The point is, Hilary is singing just for me, so keeping her in my cellar is entirely justified.

I need to get a cellar.

And Hilary Duff.

tuckmac said...

Damn... '73 baby, m'self.

Well, still... I feel much more virile.

I get to briefly ignore the graying-balding head, and creaky morning knees...

Ah Hillary...


Sarah Stevenson said...

Eww, it's like when I used to work at and all the guys on the design team had unhealthy crushes on Britney and Christina (who at the time were barely legal).

On the other hand, making fun of them was highly amusing. Can I mock you now for your Hillary Duff-love? Pretty please?

Chris Cope said...

Sarah, anyone who even ironically claims to like Hilary Duff should accept that they will be mocked. You are free to mock to your heart's content.