Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cheesecake 97

I think I've mentioned before that one of the more amusing elements of British university-campus fashion is their strange love of random Americana on T-shirts and sweatshirts ("hooded jumpers," for international viewers). For example, I often see faux-worn-out clothing promoting Minnesota kayaking clubs or non-existent Wisconsin colleges.

Thus far my favourite of these had been the shirt that simply said: "CENTERFIELDER." But today I saw one even better: a girl wearing a sweatshirt that said:


I want to believe that it was an ironic shirt, that someone somewhere spotted this ridiculous trend and decided to take it to its ridiculous extreme. But it's so hard to tell sometimes.


Curly said...

Whether it's ironic or not epends if it was on the front or the back of her hoodie. If it was on the back, it's just a hockey name that she only got because they needed one for the tour they were about to go on. On the front, it's probably ironic.

Wierdo said...

Dont care. I sooo want a hoody saying "victoria sbonge" on it

Huw said...

I got one the other week, claiming to be from the Louisiana Athletics Department. But that's okay, as Louisiana, as we all know, only has the one Athletics department, located just outside of Shreveport. But all those other people wearing Americana T-Shirts? Please.

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite was the guy wearing the fcuk knock-off that had F*** emblazoned across the front. I saw that guy several times during my year at UniSurrey, and he was always wearing that sweatshirt.

Monica said...

I made an awful lot of jokes at Huw's expense when I saw him in that shirt.

What are you and the missus doing for Thanksgiving?