Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In many ways, this is a picture of my soul

The embodiment of all that I strive to beThis is a picture of Jett, photogenic front man for under-appreciated Atlanta rock band Rock City Dropouts, found via the Flickr page of Lopez1.

If somehow my soul were able to jump out of my body, I would very much like to think it would look like this chap.

I am at once amusing and disturbing, scary and laughable. It's difficult to tell whether I'm taking myself seriously, whether I'm in on the joke, whether I should be befriended or avoided. From the quiet middle finger, to the bike that is flamboyant but not in particularly good condition, to the fact that he is roaming around in the daytime when all the normal people are at work: that's pretty much everything I feel inside.

Of course, if it were actually my soul, it wouldn't be so adept as to ever ride the bicycle -- it was just do that thing of of walk-rolling all over the place, yelling at pretty women. It also wouldn't be able to handle Jett's Pabst intake.

If it's not a picture of my soul, it is at least the physical representation of my ambition. In a philosophical sense, this is all I strive to be in life. It is all any man should strive to be.


Crystal said...

i think the points your soul scored for the hardcore devil mask were negated by the bicycle.

also, i see your soul wearing yellow knee socks.

but that is probably because i am a pervert.

Rob said...

Every time I look at this picture, all I can think is "Didn't get enough attention as a child..."

Sarah Stevenson said...

Jesus, dude. (Jesus the blasphemous exclamation, not the person, although this guy does have a beard of rather biblical proportions.)