Thursday, October 11, 2007

P.S. - I'm crazy

Actual e-mail received the other day:

I read with disdain,the ungentlemanly remarks about Prince William losing his hair to "male pattern baldness "and can not help but laugh at the ignorance and rudeness of the writer.He should be so lucky !!

I am aware that male pattern baldness is a sigh of virility,which the writer (Chris ?) does not have.Only a big mouth to make fun of others, about subjects that he is totally uninformed.

Male pattern baldness is a result of excessive testosterone which is exuded in the form of sebum, through the sebacious glands of the scalp. As this substance builds up , it chokes the hair shaft which in turn causes the hair to fall out, resulting in the death of the hair root,which culminates in "MALE PATTERN BALDNESS ". tHIS MAN WILL STILL BE GOING STRONG FOR YEARS, WHEN YOU ARE LAMENTING THE LOSS OF YOUR MANHOOD.

I suggest you get the facts before you start poking fun at others.


Unknown said...

So is this guy pissed because you're poking fun at Prince William, or because he's TOO FUCKING SENSITIVE ABOUT HIS HAIR???!!!!
Point 1: Seriously, get over it. We're all sorry you're losing your hair. Don't let it get to you or more people will start poking fun.
Point 2: Is it even possible to be funny without making ungentlemanly remarks?

Anonymous said...

Heh, 'Choking the shaft'.

Also, what does a 'sigh of virility' sound like?

Anonymous said...

if it's true about your virility being in danger, i get about a million emails in my inbox each day about products that could help!

Anonymous said...

I can't help but see 'lamenting the loss of your manhood' as a thinly-veiled threat. You might want to invest in some pepper spray. Or a baton.

Rob said...

apparently excess testosterone also chokes the part of the brain in charge of grammar...