Thursday, February 21, 2008

Displaying an unsettling abundance of useless knowledge

In barber shop Wednesday, with Red Dragon FM playing in the background:

Woman Cutting My Hair: This is tha' ... wha's 'er name? Lil Kim, innit? The one wha' died, i'n she?
Me: It's Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez. But you're right that she died. In a car crash.
WCMH: Tha's the one. Only, she died in a plane crash, though.
Me: No, it was a car crash. Aaliyah died in a plane crash.
WCMH: Oh, tha's right, love. You're good at this stuff. You should go on one 'em shows on the telly, like.
Me: A quiz show on the tragic deaths of celebrities. Not sure how that would go over.
WCMH: Ha, don' make me laugh, love. Got a razor in me han'.


Curly said...

I like this new trend for writing conversations in a Welsh accent. At least I assume it's a Welsh accent, you could have been having your hair cut by a pirate.

Nwdls said...

It's a Kaeeeerdiff accent, loik inni'.

this gives me fond memories of the barbers on Salisbury Road where the three brothers cut hair with their father, a lovely old Greek Cypriot who still couldn't speak English very well. the banter between the three was worth the price of a haircut (which was only about £4). I'd come out of there beaming, still laughing, blissfully unaware of the state that my hair was in...

Chris Cope said...

Curly -- It is supposed to be a Welsh accent, but I am perfectly happy with your interpreting it as pirate. Oh, how I wish I had a pirate barber.

And, in my defence, I've only written in the Welsh accent twice. Albeit in consecutive posts.

Sarah Stevenson said...

I'll compete with you on that quiz show. My store of useless trivia is appalling.