Monday, February 4, 2008


- I just thought of that "New England, old England" comment again. Cripes, I want to hurt that guy.

- When I used to live in Ballard Hall on the campus of the learning institution formerly known as Moorhead State University there was a guy across the hall who would play Tom Petty really loud when he and his girlfriend were having sex. It was disturbing. Seriously mind-scarring. Needless to say, this halftime show is taking me to a bad place.

- Does Tom Petty have different songs? Or are they all the same song with pauses in between?

- Do they really need monkey men in front of the stage? I'll bet a fair amount of money that all the people allowed on the field to be Tom's audience have been security checked to hell. There's no need for stage security.

- At the end of the halftime show, the English guy on the BBC's colour commentary team said, dryly: "It's about half past 1 in the morning back in the UK right now. I'm sure the fans back home are really glad they stayed up for that."
I love this guy.

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