Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How The Super Bowl Looks Abroad

My latest column is out. If you read my blogging of the Super Bowl, the themes will be familiar but they are better fleshed out.

My favourite part is the observation that: "rugby... is what football used to be before being taken over by figure skaters. American football is so laden with rules and technicality that is at times more performance than sport. Yes, I realize you need to be fit to run really fast and catch a ball, but is it a real test of mental and physical capacity when you're allowed to stop every 15 seconds and do the Charleston?"


Huw said...

I also liked "The next time I take a taxi, I want the driver to make six-shooters with his fingers and scream in jubilation when he changes lanes."

I may adopt this attitude, and do little dances each time I operate the fax machine successfully.

Curly said...

This is the first year for a while that I've not heard everyone excitedly talk about how they're staying up until 4am to watch the Superbowl. This is also the first year for a while that I've not heard anyone admit that they couldn't be bothered and instead went to bed at 11pm.