Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Need Miss Texas' Help

My latest column is out. It contains an edit that makes no sense to me.

In talking about my university experience it says: "Consequently, I am struggling. Despite my ability to start a sentence with la-dee-da words like 'consequently,' I feel I'm just not good enough to be here."

But "consequently" is not the word I had there. Originally I had "hitherto."

"Hitherto" means "up to this point," whereas "consequently" means "as a result of;" so the meaning of the sentence is changed and it makes me seem like a person who thinks "consequently" is an obscure word.

Ah, well. I'm not arsed.


Anonymous said...

Good column, I am impressed that you can still knock 'em out when you're so busy and stressy!

I faced a similar "what now?" situation when I graduated a few years ago. My genius solution was to go straight back to university for another student loans-lashing. Hooray endless academia!

Afe said...


Anonymous said...

A very large proofer insisted that "hitherto" was not correctly used.

~the editor

Chris Cope said...

Well, in fairness to Mongo, perhaps I should have written "hitherto now."