Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random question

How does Superman shave? He is impervious to needles and bullets and nuclear explosions. One would assume that no matter how many blades you slap on a shaver it would be useless in keeping the Man of Steel looking good for the ladies.


mantic59 said...

He uses his x-ray vision in front of the bathroom mirror:

Huw said...

That would have been my guess.

Similarly though, how does it work when he catches people who have fallen from a great height? Surely falling into the arms of the Man Of Steel is not a great deal more comfortable than being embraced by tarmac.

Anonymous said...

Well, just because he is doesn't mean his facial hair is. I mean, I know the hair atop his pretty little head doesn't get mussed when Superman saves the day, but that could just be SuperGel. Hmm...I wonder what he would look like if Lois Lane liked men with facial hair.

Anonymous said...

You aloof wannabe Welsh elitist! You don't even write any more. You nauseate me with your duality; Welsh blog, American English blog.

You are a megalomaniac who has chosen to ignore his friends and his roots in order to create this meta-persona; a bilingual Welsh Uberman that is cloying, hackneyed, and socially retarded.

Other than that, love what you're doing.

email me, bi*ch.