Monday, February 4, 2008

Third quarter

15:00 - I am so tired. It's 1:40 Why does this game have to air so late? They could have scheduled it to air at noon on the West Coast and it would have aired at a reasonable time in the UK. I hate you NFL.

14:26 - Did I mention I want to kick Dick Stockton in the teeth for his "New England, old England" comment?

11:00 - Again I find myself annoyed by NFL rule-mongering. Some guy is 6 inches from making it off the field and the Patriots throw a red flag. Ass. Hat.

10:22 - That ref has a certain show choir nature in his hand signals.

8:36 - Hey Maroney, run it into the pile.

7:18 - I love seeing Tom Brady get sacked.

6:43 - If you're only leading by 4, why would you not try to kick a field goal? Patriots are cocky tards.

5:22 - Hey Bradshaw, run it into the pile.

4:00 - That trick never works. The hail Mary pass is only successful in films. Why do they insist on doing that stuff?

3:12 - Randall Gay has got to be the suckiest name ever. His name is a description: randy gay.

3:04 - False starts are lame. Get rid of that rule, too. Who came up with all these crap rules? It's as if the whole thing was laid out by figure skating judges.

0:14 - Again with the false start nonsense. I'm happy to see the Patriots screw themselves, but this is so lame.

0:06 - Tom Brady looks like he's going to cry. Maybe I should kick him in the teeth.

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