Thursday, April 10, 2008

The AMFA misses a PR opportunity

Since Tuesday, American Airlines has cancelled more than 2,600 flights, with a whopping 240 of its planes currently out of service due to a failure to address mechanical issues.

Northwest Airlines, as far as I can tell, has cancelled 0 flights as a result of the issues facing American.

Northwest Airlines' mechanics are members of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association -- a union.

American Airlines' mechanics are not.

It seems to me that a PR opportunity is being missed.

As a side note: I'm sure many people have heard me say that if you have to drink crappy American mass-produced beer it should be Miller because it is union-made. I just noticed that Miller's workers are represented by... the auto workers' union. How does that make sense?


Chris Cope said...

Looking into it further, I see that Budweiser is also union-made. Those workers are more appropriately represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

Tom Parsons said...

I see that the union also covers workers who make Leinenkugel's, Mickey Malt, and Olde English 800.

That's some quality work they're doing. :|

Chris Cope said...

Yeah, I'm not sure the words "union" and "quality" are synonymous when it comes to alcohol. Wild Turkey is union made.

Anonymous said...

Rhys Wynne said...

Interesting link to the CAMRA news page re Coors closing the Burton museum. There's astory there about an interesting new book about microbreweries in on the US west coast:

Lucky said...

Pabst is also deliciously union-made.

I say, if you're going to drink crappy American beer, drink it with pride. Cheap American beer is like a tray of Movie Theater nachos - good in it's own weird way.

Anonymous said...

drink is the scourge of the working classes!

Nice blog you have here, found it via some random google search. How many Americans speak Welsh?