Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are People Really Suffering?

In a fit of whimsy (a) this week I decided to record myself reading my latest column. I realise that this is a sort of poncey thing to do, so I have come up with a few lame attempts at justifying myself:

1) I always wanted to be one of those "snarky commentary" guys you hear on NPR. But since I am not from New York or Jewish, the odds of my getting that gig are minimal.

2) Due to Congressional incompetence blind people aren't getting a chance to listen to as many audiobooks. It breaks my heart that there would be a blind person out there who might miss out on my column, so I've taken the initiative to provide the service on my own. I have no idea how blind people are supposed to navigate themselves to my blog, though...

3) There is no #3.

Anyway, here it is:

(a) Fit of Whimsy is a good name for a band


Sarah Stevenson said...

Random question--so has anyone yet (that you know of) taken a band name from Good Name for a Band?

Because if so, they should pay you royalties.

Chris Cope said...

To my knowledge no one has. Ideally a band will become huge, to the extent that changing their name would be disadvantageous and then I will be rich. Or, probably not.

Anonymous said...

Very good post Chris, and what a great voice you have!