Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The domino stunner

For the three of you still reading, I haven't had a chance to blog in a while because I've been working on my book. I have now reached the landmark of having enough words to be able to apply for a bursary, which I may do simply because I love rejection letters.

Things are coming along with said book, although I do wonder how many people will actually end up reading the thing. At least I can probably still rely on my parents to purchase a copy.

Totally unrelated to writing is Ken the Box, a YouTube video I referenced to Anthony (point) when he was visiting. It's video from some bottom-level wrestling promotion in, I'm guessing, Japan. The whole thing takes a bit longer than it should, but it's worth it to watch start to finish because the build-up makes the eventual result even dumber and funnier. My favourite comment on this video is:
"'How was your match, honey?'
'I jobbed to a box.'
'That's nice, dear.'"

And in search of that video, I came across this one, which makes me laugh every time I hear the announcer say: "Oh! The domino stunner takes its toll!"

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