Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Wife Is Ruining My Dreams

Once again I give you the audio version of my latest column. this idea of reading the column aloud would be far better if I weren't doing it. In a perfect world, I would resurrect Orson Welles and he would provide the voice.

I had also thought about having my dad read it. He and I have slightly similar voices but he has better annunciation. It would be amusing to give him a column and provide no direction, allowing him to decide what words should be emphasized and what pauses belong where. One of the weird things about writing is that the voice is not all that clear. I've been to book readings in which I sat there listening to the author voice his own work, thinking: "Dude, you are getting it all wrong."

Although, I don't suppose there's a great deal of variation in the interpretation of a light column like mine.

In some columns, though, it would be weird to have my dad as the voice. This one for example, in which I reference in first person that the child bride and I have been married for nine years. I don't want to hear my feelings for my wife expressed in my father's voice.

Nine years. Crikey that feels like a long time. I suppose it is a long time, especially since I tend to measure time according to expiration dates on milk bottles. And as I pointed out to Eric the other night, I haven't managed a single affair in that whole time. Clearly, I am a lesser writer because of it. Perhaps my absence of any traditional writer cliché motivations could be used as motivation in and of itself...


Dan Miller said...

Two things.

1) These recordings of your articles have made me realize tou should start a podcast and put it on iTunes. I'd definitely subscribe so you'd at least have 1 person.

2) You and the missus should try to be in Minnesota on Oct. 11

Anonymous said...

I would love to read your book, particularly if you let me mark it up. I will even mail your thumb-drive back to you.

Sarah Stevenson said... husband and I are both creative types. Maybe we don't fight enough, either...

Chris Cope said...

(Anthony gets points in this post because he took the picture)

Anonymous said...

Chris, or whoever you are, I just came across your little blog as a listing on someone else's blog...MAN! When does it stop?
Anyway, I scrolled down to hear the audio entry about your book. At least that's as far as I got listening. I'm so sorry I didn't listen to the rest but I want to save it for when I'm in traction and its raining outside, which may happen sooner that you might think.
Your voice sounds remarkably like your photo says it should sound. Okay, gotta go. Keep dancing. I'll check in from time to time.