Sunday, July 27, 2008

Behold, the magical hyphen

Quiz time! What words follow? (Last one's probably the hardest)

1) Na-na na-na na-na na-na, na-na na-na na-na na-na

2) Na-na na na, na-na na na

3) Na na-na na na


Anonymous said...

Er, Batman, Hey Jude and ... give up.

Chris Cope said...

You got the first. But "Hey Jude" is: na, na na na-na-na na, na-na-na na

Petit Monde said...

Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!

Do I get a prize?

Chris Cope said...

Maybe you would have gotten a prize if you had gotten all three. The first two are right, though.

Huw said...

Umm... *clears throat*

Here comes the hotstepper (murderer!), I’m the lyrical gangster (murderer!), pick up the crew in a d'area (murderer!) still love you like that (murderer!)


Chris Cope said...

Huw, I wish it were that. You get points for remembering that song, though.

Unknown said...

The last one sounds rather like "shave and a hair cut" (six bits).