Monday, July 14, 2008

Candy with an enormous carbon footprint

Thanks again to Isobel.


Unknown said...

Ah Coors, aka the banquet beer. Although, I'm not sure that is such a delicious descriptor. Unlike, drinks like a scarf, tastes like a scarf. Which is brilliant.

Chris Cope said...

Equally, they could go with: "When you're in the Rockies, don't forget your scarf."

Unknown said...

Don't forget about Coors Light.
The Silver Scarf, never lets you down.
And Keystone, also made by Coors.
That great bottled scarf a can!

Elimare said...

you've got better editing skillz here. Laughed my ASS off (so much i wrote it out) watching your attempt with the kitkat balls.

Anonymous said...

Sorry they got all mashed up on the way to you.
And yeah, that's how everyone ate the Mango KitKat Balls. An initial thought that it was ok, followed by the realisation that it was very, very wrong.

Zoe said...

Hmm, you have made me curious.

The "manat" is the currency of Azerbaijan.

Yes, I'm a nerd. But now we know. (:

heatherfeather said...

You see, I couldn't watch these video blogs (first person to start bandying the term "vlog" about again gets a shin kick) for two full days because it's sort of frowned upon at work. Then, I couldn't watch these video blogs without falling about laughing because although you won't put your fingers (and therefore your willy) in just anything, evidently you will put just about anything (scarf, mango spheres of candy revulsion) in your mouth.

I think I'm going back to Tokyo this winter - I'll be sure to pick up some goodies for you.

Rachael Hutchings said...

Great video. The journey that those mango KitKat balls have made has been hilarious.

Rob said...

You got tropical fruit flouride? We only got grape, but it was also the work of Satan.
Also: not sure what # Guy Rule it is that says not to be *too* enthusiastic when complimenting another guy's wife, but anyway the Child Bride is looking extremely hot while reviewing mango kitkats.
Just saying.