Monday, July 28, 2008

Chris kills a chance to talk rubbish on TV

The last song was, of course, Space Pirates. That's totally obscure and only for people who sit around in the middle of the day trying to think up excuses not to write. I also watch a lot of Welsh-language children's television.

Which kind of segues to an e-mail I got last week from someone who works on the Welsh-language programme "Hacio." It's a current-events programme targeted at younger viewers. I have never quite bought into the "news for young people" concept. Does it really work? Do kids actually care? In my years as a member of the Global Media Conspiracy people were always trying this sort of thing -- I even once auditioned to be a presenter for such a show -- but I can't think of one that's ever really worked. It's all crazy camera angles and no desks and people with hip hair, but lacking in the quintessential element of content.

The content is produced by adults and feels like it. The camera angles and such make it feel as if they are trying to hide the information, the way you wrap a dog's heart worm pill in hamburger. But your dog can figure that shit out and so can kids.

On a tangent, am I old and busted that I never really "got" Current TV? Perhaps the problem is that I tried to watch it on an actual television. It works on the web.

Anyway, I have never actually seen "Hacio," so perhaps it is great. In their coming series they plan to do a little something on U.S. elections and somehow my name got passed along to them. The e-mail I got suggested that my name was about all they had and I was asked to "let (them) know a little bit about (myself) and what (I'm) doing now." Here is what I wrote:

"I am relatively well-versed in all the tedious details of how the presidential elections work (for instance, did you know that when Americans vote for a president, their vote doesn't actually decide who becomes president?) and stay more or less up to date on what's happening. I will be voting absentee (by post) for Barack Obama. I used to be a journalist myself, though (get out while you still can!), and so am capable of talking about the elections without showing a bias.

Do I get the part? I won't do any nude scenes -- unless they're tasteful, like. Or they involve that Lowri chick from 'Dwdlam.'

I haven't heard from "Hacio" since. I suspect it's that last bit that killed my chances. Ah well, there you are.


Zoe said...

I tried to watch Hacio once, but yeah, those camera angles killed me. Plus, I don't think I ever got over its name. It means "to hack"?! Maybe that has some explainable meaning in Welsh/British English, but to me, it's too reminiscent of "hacking a lung"...

Chris Cope said...

It is a bit of an odd name, yes. I assumed it was cheeky and self-depreciating. A shit journalist (or low-paid writer) is sometimes known as a "hack."

Nwdls said...

Hacio is indeed rather poor, the programme based at the Urdd Eisteddfod last year was truly awful, but it has managed to keep going for years somehow.

Interesting though is that they have been accused in the press recently of cajoling teenage kids in Penygroes into boozing and saying teenage-delinquent-type-things in order to make a more interesting programme. Hacks indeed. (Though I'd suspect that Penygroes kids aren't as innocent as their parents like to think).

Bet John Craven's Newsround never did that. But there were no such things as evil Mordor hoodies in those salad days...

[Beth ydi o am gyflwynwyr rhaglenni plant dywed?]

Wierdo said...

I suspect that hacio does all their research on blogs as that is how they found me to do a christmas episode. Tells you something about them I suppose...

I'm not sure if thats an insult just to the program or half an insult towards me too..."what kinda program whould have me on it?!"...meh

Anonymous said...

So sweet that you refuse to do nude scenes!
Funny post, bet you get it!