Saturday, July 5, 2008

I am a freaking genius

Go me. Donna is a (partial) time lord. I called it. I am brilliant. It was kind of a weak out in terms of getting rid of Donna, but I suppose this way you can bring her back with ease. She's got a Doctor in her head. So, slowly, in her subconscious, he can work out some sort of route to return Donna to old Donna with all her memories intact.

I also like the setting up of who's the new Torchwood team: Martha Jones and that bloke Mickey. That leaves Torchwood without the tech whiz that Tosh was.


Anonymous said...

The best bit was the German daleks!

Anonymous said...

Go you indeed.

You did give yourslf plenty of options though...........

When's Torchwood back?

Elimare said...

The german daleks were even MORE scary. holy shit!
I loved the Doctor with Donna's 'voice'. Brilliant. Am i the only noticed that DT's voice slipped back to Scottish when he was saying goodbye to Alfred outside the house?
Not sure how I felt about the 'Rose and other doctor' living happily ever after.
Loved the way they did a whole 'Scooby Gang' thing with everyone coming together to fly the Tardis home.
And a few more years of DT as the Doctor - mmm, yes please.
Also loved when someone said 'Wait, there's three doctors now?' Jack made the comment 'I can't even say what is going through my head right now.'