Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tidbits electronig

An anonymous poster (why is it that I get annoyed when people post anonymously?) asked me the other day if I know Christopher Glamorganshire, a blogger in Wales who was sacked (FTYPAH: "fired") from his job in the Cynulliad because of his blog. FTYPAH: the Cynulliad is the Welsh legislative body -- a sort of toy version of British Parliament.

I don't think I know Glamorganshire personally; he is one of my Facebook friends, but that means nothing -- Al Franken is one of my Facebook friends. Welsh people are obsessed with giving themselves pseudonyms, but then strangely expecting you to know who they are regardless, so it's quite possible that I hang out with Glamorganshire all the time and he just hasn't told me. I don't think so, though.

According to Alwyn ap Huw (may or may not be his real name), Glamorganshire is at least the fourth Cynulliad member to get the boot for blogging. I'm pretty sure I do know at least one of those chaps.

What stands out to me about the whole business is the ridiculousness that this is occurring in 2008. There is a special term for someone who gets the axe because of their blog: "Dooced." So named for Dooce, who was fired from her job in 2002. Read that last sentence again: 2002. This shit has been done, Wales -- y'all behind the curve, bitches.

Especially so now that blogging is in a downturn. Some suggest that blogging is experiencing a sort of generational shift; our baby's growing up and no longer interested in dancing hamsters. Whatever the case, we're just not paying that much attention to blogs anymore, beyond those of people we actually know and women with nice breasts. For a member of Cynulliad to get the sack for blogging now makes Wales' legislators look even more out of touch than your average political body.


"Tidbits electronig" is my Welsh equivalent of "series of tubes." It is a phrase uttered by literary critic Hywel Teifi Edwards in the wake of the Y Byd debacle. "Nid mwy o tidbits electronig mae Cymru eu hangen. Papur go iawn!" he yelped, almost giving himself a heart attack in expressing his belief that the internet isn't a legitimate media and Wales needs a tangible Welsh-language newspaper. Despite the fact that tangible newspapers are going bust at an almost daily rate. "Tidbits electronig" obviously translates to "electronic tidbits."


Alwyn ap Huw said...

According to Alwyn ap Huw (may or may not be his real name)

Alwyn ap Huw is his real name - he is world famous in Llansanffraid Glan Conwy - a legend in his own lunchtime!

Curly said...

We're pretty much always behind the curve. I think that's one of the reasons that people visit Wales, because it's so quaint that people still live like this.

Neal said...

People get in trouble with blogs where I work all of the time, which is why mine is so G-rated.