Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When The Neighbors See Your Underwear

My latest column is out
and as has become the custom I've decided to read it to you.

In listening back to it, though, I sound a bit odd. I sound angry. I am trying to annunciate, but it's not working. The traces of my Texas accent cause me to mumble and slur words (listen to me slaughter the word "generally" at the end of the recording), so I was trying to make everything clear. In so doing, I've made everything slightly bitter, as well.

Obviously, my career as a professional voice artist won't be getting under way any time soon.

One benefit to the audio version, though, is that I chose to read it as I wrote it. The published version is missing a sentence because my editor was concerned it would offend. That sentence is: "(I am) enjoying the fact that they show naked breasts on primetime television."

No hatin' on my editor, please. But definitely that goes into the "What's Wrong With America" file. I can't mention boobies. Clearly I got out just in time.


Curly said...

Read This - The Chinese aren't very good at lurking in bays.

Afe said...

How many cockles would a cockle picker pick if a cockle picker could pick cockles?