Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can Internet Give You New Old Friends?

My latest column is out. I have still have this cold that will not die so if you listen to the audio you might be able to pick up that I am trying to speak through a stuffy nose.

I'm really upset that I can't seem to get healthy because it disqualifies me from being able to go to Flu Camp. I'm missing out on three meals a day and PlayStation, damn it!

The main drawback to this cold is that I find that I can't really be arsed to put any real effort into things, so I read the column in one take, flubbed a few words and sounded choppy but didn't go back and try again. Ah well. It is frustrating that I seem incapable of reading things that I've written. But it gives you a clue as to why I abandoned any dreams of an acting career. I was a stage actor for a short period in my life, but if I can't give life to my own words, imagine how badly I mangled Shakespeare.

I noticed in looking at the finished version of my column that the proof readers at my former benevolent employer changed "internet" to "Internet." I have never understood that. The concept of the internet -- this shapeless thing that is everywhere -- is to me similar to the concept of the sky or the ocean, both of which are written in lowercase. They are common nouns. Why should "Internet" be a proper noun? It doesn't make sense.

I once spent the whole of my yearly review arguing with a manager to change the style, but to no avail.


Burlesque Chic said...

That's a great column you've written - is the whole site your construction or are you a contributor?

Chris Cope said...

I'm just a contributor. The site is kind of the play thing of Internet Broadcasting, my former benevolent employer.

Burlesque Chic said...

Cool. Its so rare to see a site with some quality content that's not ad-laden.

...don't suppose you have an email address of someone I could politely inquire to... just on the off chance they need another writer (yes, I have no shame)

Chris Cope said...

I'm not sure if new writers are needed, actually. To be honest, these columns are perpetually in danger of being scrapped. The only reason they exist, I think, is that it's free content -- we don't get paid.

Burlesque Chic said...

Oh that's fair enough :)