Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brilliantly retarded

John McCain's Mr. Sniffles Strategy appears to be functioning perfectly. About two months ago, The Daily Show's John Oliver suggested that McCain's main campaigning tactic was to garner pity.

And I have to say it's working. I genuinely feel bad for the man. The wheels haven't just come off, the engine has caught on fire and the whole thing has been pushed off the side of a mountain. And then attacked by wolves.

Spally Six-Guns is pretty much everything that a Democrat could hope for in a Republican vice presidential candidate. Crazy? Check. Questionable? Check. Duplicitous? Check.

It's kind of sad. If John McCain had simply run as John McCain he would be a serious threat to Obama. Barack's message of change could be countered by McCain's maverick image. Many of those people who pushed Obama past Hillary -- those dreaded college-educated whites -- would likely have been split if McCain had run with his (real or imagined) image as a man who thoroughly dislikes Bush and won't be told what to do.

Imagine if McCain had done this: instead of denying those stories that leaked several months ago of his hating Bush from the get go, he quietly refuses to say anything -- allowing people to believe what they like. He picks Joe Lieberman as his running mate and the two of them politely play up their image as blokes who don't dance to party tunes. With Obama's minimal record, he probably also has a minimal record of defying his party. So McCain could have run on the slogan: "The Experience To Lead; The Courage To Not Be Led."

He pulls a lot of independents and swing voters and moderates and splits the young people that are currently Obama-focused. Add that to party-loyal Republicans and it could have been enough to take the election.

But instead he has pulled hard right to appease that part of the Republican Party that is cancerous to its future and has pushed away so many of those young early-90s Republicans who came on board attracted by the philosophies of fiscal clarity, individual dynamism and the deire to actually do something.

McCain has train-wrecked so horribly that even his opponent is trying to pull away the wolves. I suppose the two greatest challenges to Obama now are:
1) Don't do anything stupid (e.g., don't let Biden's daughter rough up some cops again)
2) Try to figure out how to kill the jar-head bear without making it look cruel.

On a side note, professional wrestling's contribution to American politics is that is now mandatory to play entrance music for every single speaker at a political convention. I am hoping that when Spally Six-Guns eventually speaks, she'll walk out to the strains of this song. What's sad is that the politicos (Republican or Democrat) are often so dumb that sort of thing is not actually beyond possibility.

- (Spally's shirt reads: "I may be broke, but I'm not flat busted")


Anonymous said...

As a Brit I find that someone who believes in creationism can seek public office - particularly in such an incredibly important position - boggling beyond belief. Also does she really get her kicks by murdering animals for fun ? I am astounded.

However enjoyed Angus Young and the boys though. Saw them in the Houston Astrodome in about 1980

Toodle pip...............

Chris Cope said...

"Murdering animals" is acceptable and encouraged. You'll note that any number of politicians in the United States have sought to be pictured while hunting. Hunting is legal in the United States, as it is in high-minded Britain.

In the case of Spally she prides herself on having hunted grizzly but it is not willy nilly. Special licenses are required and I think, at best, she is allowed to shoot one a year. In other states, deer and duck hunting are quite popular, as is fishing -- which is essentially hunting. Instead of shooting the animal, you sink a piece of metal into its face.

Even though firearms scare the living crap out of me, I am generally pro-hunting because there is a positive benefit: hunters need large areas of wilderness in which to hunt. Hunting is a way of helping people see the value of protecting natural resources. Think about it: wouldn't you rather hear the occasional far-off shotgun blast in the woods than the sound of thousands of kid-transporters rolling to the new IKEA?

Anonymous said...

Wotcher Chris,
Toodle - pip here.

There's nothing on the telly(other than Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares)so I thought I would spent a little while on my computer.

I see where you are coming from in your reply to my comment to this post - as a meateater my comments viz a viz murdering animals can be construed as being riddled with inconsistency (OK then hypocracy (sp? no dictionary to hand, sorry))I admit - though you seem to duck my central charge against a potential VP of the most influencial country on Earth.

Creationism is the preserve of blind dimwits I'm sorry, no more no less. To elect a candidate seemingly immune to science, history and logic potentially puts a great country (and a force for good needed in troubled times)on the same footing (at worst)as the Taliban, blind to reason and open to superstition and the simplicities of supposed and unbased manufactured moralism .

Anyway, good piece in the Guardian supplement today about the "two" Americas. It must be difficult for any Republican American today who grew up when the American way was dominant - in every sense, politically, morally, economically etc. You can see it in the faces of those attending the Republican Conference and in the pronouncements of those on stage at Conference. They obviously hark back to more "certain" days and are simply frightened at what they see as the world closes in I feel. What they want returned, sadly in many ways, is in decline - the America of flag, Moms apple-pie, the All-American hero of yesteryear. As a Cardiffian growing up in the 70's I loved it all, the films ( Rambo, ET, Woody Allen - sad I know ), music ( Doors, The Grateful Dead, soul& R&B) , community spirit ( The Waltons when I was small), the "can-do" vivacity and the sheer enourmous, steam - rollering "Americaness" of it all (growing up here it was pretty grim - other than the occasional success at rugby !!).

Simply, the selection of Palin ( lets forget the babies bit) is I feel a disappointing and ultimately redundant response to America's challenges ahead.

Don't know if Obama is the answer in total but I feel his recognition that the world is a far bigger, more powerful force than McCain and Palin and those at the Republican Conference seem to want to recognise, and that dialogue and consensus is the response more needed than ridicule and a harkening back to those certanties and values espoused by the the Republicans this week. That was then ( good in many ways as it was)and this is now - for good or bad.

Simply, I hope you agree that a potential VP who's central guiding compass is Creationism is not a good thing for
America. That's all.

OK - 11.15 pm, 3 pints of Strongbow cider rant over. Trust you and your good spouse are in fine fettle. I enjoy your blog and maybe will bump into you in the Mochyn Du one day.

Nos da.

Huw from Dinas Powys

Mei said...

It's interesting (and reassuring!) to read your comments on SP.

From all the stuff I've read on her, her qualifications and experiance of public office makes Ieuan Wyn and Rhodri Morgan look like good candidates for the job.

This cartoon sums it up:

deanne said...

I don't have anything political to add - I just wanted to say I love her shirt... (it's like it was MADE for me!)