Monday, September 29, 2008

Celebrity gossip

Classes are under way again. My final year of university has begun.

Of course, one of the highlights of walking across a crowded university campus is the opportunity to see myriad fashion disasters. My favourites are the ones that are woefully climate inappropriate -- extremely skimpy clothing in Britain in October. Obviously I am more forgiving of the females who do this.

The weather today was cool enough for the intelligent people to wear undershirts or light jackets, but that didn't stop several others from prancing about trying to pretend that they were attending university in Cardiff-by-the-Sea rather than Cardiff, Wales. Walking toward classes today I spotted a dude wearing a white tank-top, white shorts and flip flops.

"Yeesh," I thought to myself. "Does that guy not know what country he's in? And what's with the wife-beater? I will never understand British guys' desire to walk around looking like Georgia trailer trash. Hey. Wait a second. That's Glyn Wise!"

For those of you playing along at home, Glyn is a proper celebrity in Britain, having appeared in the reality television programme "Big Brother." He is especially well-known in Wales where he is (or, at least, was for some time) a kind of folk hero for insisting on speaking Welsh in the Big Brother house.

It appears that he is keen to cement his status as a Welsh-language hero by backing it up with a degree from Cardiff University. I spotted his name on the list of first-year students as I was waiting in the hallway before a lecture.

"Hey, look at that," I said to my friend. "Did you know that?"

Of course she knew. One of the reasons the Welsh have been so slow to take to the internet is the effectiveness of their grapevine network. E-mail is redundant. But, of course, I am forever on the outside of Welsh-language society so it was news to me.

"I saw him today," I said. "Kid doesn't know how to dress."

"How so?" she asked.

"He's walking around in the cold in shorts and a wife beater."

"Wife beater?"

"A, uhm.. you know, a vest."

"Like what you're wearing?"

"I am not wearing a vest. This is a thermal shirt. See, it's got sleeves."

"A vest with sleeves. So much better."

"It's different, chick. And besides, I'm not wearing only a thermal shirt. I'm wearing it under something."

"You're wearing your vest with sleeves like a vest. Instead of being fashionable, you're just an old man with an undershirt."

Then I pushed her.


Curly said...

Is he really a proper celebrity?

I walked past him in the street a couple of days ago, or so I was told by whoever was walking with me.

Flip flops, boardie shorts and wife-beaters are usually associated with UWIC students.

Anonymous said...

Glyn is our local hero!
He was perfectly aware that his fame would be short-lived and said he was going to make the most of it while it lasted.
I'm glad he's going to university now as that is what he wanted to do before his 'fame' came to him.
When he first entered the 'Big Brother' house he was dressed like that, so nothing's changed then!
And by the way, that is the only time I ever watched 'Big Brother'.

Huw said...

Spookily, the last time I saw Glyn he was wearing a vest too. He was running a marathon though, so I didn't think much of it at the time.