Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Changing the uniforms

My apologies for lack of blogging. I've been re-rereading my book since last week, trying to avoid sending a manuscript loaded with crazy stupid mistakes to my editor. My goal is to get the thing in the post to her this week.

Originally I was hoping to send it off on Friday, but that has now been pushed back slightly thanks to the minimal amount of proofreading that occurred today. Instead of working, I started thinking about all the little extraneous things that one thinks about when writing a book and somehow this resulted in my deciding that I really needed to rework my blog.

There is a long and tedious explanation of how exactly I came to this decision but when I was telling the child bride over dinner she literally closed her eyes and started to fall asleep.

So, anyway, I've gone all three columns on your asses and added Twitter to the top. I'll also be trying to remember to justify the text, which I think gives my blog a slightly more professional look.

Although, I'm not sure why I would want a professional look. All this week I've been thinking about how much I want to blog about "Strictly Come Dancing" (a). That's a subject that almost certainly doesn't deserve professionalism. Or evin currect speling.

So, nothing's really changed then. The look is slightly different but the content is still shit. It's a bit like when the football team that went 0-16 last season tries to dupe fans into thinking that this season won't be awful by giving the same old players brand new jerseys.

Oh, and in case you missed it, this picture is awesome.

(a) My favourite "Strictly" comment so far came in Tuesday's episode of "It Takes Two" when it was noted that John Sergeant and Kristina Rhihanoff look like a couple from an Agatha Christie mystery: "He's the old guy with the beautiful young wife. And she kills him, but somehow you know he's not bothered."


Anonymous said...

No no! Strictly Come Dancing is totally blog-worthy. Don't deprive us of your commentary on Tom Chambers' swivelling hips or John Sergeant's Winnie the Pooh-like qualities or the outrageousness of Ola's catsuit! These are all perfectly valid and professional topics for discussion.

(Hello, btw - been reading and lurking for a while, but simply couldn't stay silent about your prospective silence on SCD, as it were...)

Anonymous said...

I like the three columns, and I like the fact that you're on Twitter now.

Once I signed up, I found myself obsessively trying to convince my friends to join, too. Probably because it makes me feel less of a nerd.

Wierdo said...

I like the three columns.

I like the twitter and I'm sitting here thinking of how cool that would be on my blog...but I wouldn't say anything. I'm sorry if you see me copying you!!!

Also, three columns = double the advertising!

If you blog about strictly come dancing you'll be the sum total of my information on the program - its not that I don't want to watch it but on a saturday night I'm either in the pub or in bed....

Crystal said...

strictly come dancing??

that doesn't even make any sense. why did they stick "come" in there? or why did they stick "strictly"? it should be Strictly Dancing or Come Dancing, but strictly come dancing? that is an awkward name.

am i just being an ignorant american. i have a feeling that is the case. i suck.