Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'Hey you, good lookin' female'

This picture has fuck all to do with my book.Someone please explain to me why completing work on a book suddenly leaves me listening to Thin Lizzy nonstop. Some sort of psychological defect there, methinks.

Nonetheless, I finally finished work on Cwrw Am Ddim, the book about my learning Welsh, moving to Wales, going a bit nuts, sexually assaulting Llŷr and spending six years at her majesty's pleasure in HMP Cardiff. OK, those last two are made up; Llŷr loves a bit of the rough stuff and would never report me.

Now, see, I write that in an attempt to be funny. But the last time I made some random statement about shagging Llŷr, the next time I saw him he stood uncomfortably close to me and said something like: "You weren't supposed to tell. I can't even look you in the eyes now."

Next summer I am planning to travel around the United States to "research" (a) for another book. Last I heard, at least, Llŷr is signed on to travel with me. Rachel is always joking that I should introduce him as my gay lover when we meet new people.

"Take him to your 15-year high school reunion," she said.

But the thing is, I worry that Llŷr is a bit like Eric (b) in that if I introduce him as my gay lover he will feel the need to prove it. If my blog were an episode of "Scrubs" we would now quickly jump to a montage of Eric jumping on my back and dry humping me. Several times.

But this post isn't about Llŷr or Eric or homoerotic behaviour. It's about my book. Which I have yammered on about nonstop for at least the last the last six months to just about anyone who will stand still. And now it's done. Yay me. Of course, when I say that the book is "done," I mean that the writing bit is over. Now comes a long and tedious stretch of editing the thing before sending it off to my editor, who will probably draw a big red X on each page and ask me to rewrite the bits marked with red.

According to Owen (b), publishing a book in Welsh is a long and frustrating process, so I have no idea when the thing will actually see the light of day. I am hoping, though, that it will occur within the next year. That will give most of you an opportunity to learn Welsh, which is the language the book is written in.

OK, I will now return to rocking out to the Lizzy.

(a) Read: "drink a lot, bother a bunch of people, and try to keep notes"

(b) Shameless name-dropping! Go me!


Unknown said...

Face it, you liked it quite a bit, didn't you?
Also, can we start using the term wet-hump for all humpings that are not of the dry variety?
Like, I'd love to be wet-humping that fire hydrant right now.
Or, stand back, I've got to wet-hump this clubbed baby seal back to life!

Chris Cope said...

Well, I can say for certain that humping a seal does not bring it back to life. All it earned me was a restraining order from the veterinary school.

Wierdo said...

I totally got the comma in the wrong plance in that post:
...the book about my learning Welsh, moving to Wales, going a bit nuts sexually, assaulting Llŷr and spending six years at her majesty's pleasure in HMP Cardiff.
It worries me slightly that I find this more wrong than the correct version...or more to the point, it should worry you...

Anonymous said...

Good grief - Thin Lizzy takes me back. My brother was responsible for booking the bands for the Student Union in Cardiff in the early / mid 70's. Played pool in the Union with Phil Lynott, nice bloke. Also went and had a kebab in Caroline Street with Bob Geldof and had a pint of Dark with Captain Beefheart in The Gower pub in Cathays

Amazing in retrospect..........

Happy days

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm a bit new here, so don't know if the book has come up before, but do you know Pamela Petro's Travels in an Old Tongue? She's also an American who fell for Wales/Welsh. The book's in English though.