Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hopefully Gordon is reading

Gordon Brown's diminishing number of supporters are fond of using the cliché that one should not switch captains mid-journey. I'm not exactly sure why that would be the case, I mean, if the captain is going the wrong way why wait until arriving at a hostile port to point this out? But in this case I think a more apt metaphor is that of removing a pilot from a plane that's going down in flames.

I'm not entirely sure what getting rid of Gordon Brown would achieve apart from signalling to British voters that there's nought but stupendous fuckery occurring at Whitehall. Honestly, Labour, how many unelected leaders do you want to cram in before the Conservatives seize on your ineptitude?

If our man GB had cajones, he would respond to all this by calling a general election. He could use the leadership challenge as an advantage, saying to voters that he doesn't want the party installing more leaders the people didn't elect. He could effectively ask for a mandate. He could equally put heavy focus on the fact that in this time of international businesses going under and dragging us all with them, the Conservatives are the party that has always been keen to run government as a business.

The election might work, and then he'd be able to raise a big Scottish middle finger to his detractors.

If it didn't work, no big deal because his party are keen to stab him in the back anyway. And being replaced by Conservatives would be the punishment for Labour's utter inability to deal with actual issues rather than whining.


Annie said...

I think you could actually run the world yourself with this blog. I hope all these politicians you're advising are taking note.

Mei said...

This always happens when a party's been in power too long.

They forget about the small matter of running a country and bicker about who gets to 'lead'.