Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Life Of A Mono-Tasker

My latest column is out. In truth, it's been out for a week, but I've only now gotten around to recording it. And as usual I struggle to make it sound natural.

It gives you a certain respect for Sarah Palin, I suppose. She can read George W. Bush's words (a) and make them sound like her own. Well, sort of. Better than I could, at least. I struggle to string words together in any sort of coherent way -- listen to how I add a mystery syllable to the phrase "an adult." Or the way I tend to pronounce "a," "the" and "of" as, "nuh." For example: "mos' uh-nuh time."

I am a bumpkin.

I read once that GW Bush sounds more intelligent when he speaks Spanish. I am hoping the same is true for me in Welsh. According to Welsh-language dimLOL magazine, listening to me speak in Welsh is like listening to the results of Eisteddfod competitions being read out on the Tannoy (FTYPAH: "loudspeaker"). I'm not really sure what that means, though. I am either loud, unnecessarily wordy, boring, or inclined to embellish.

Actually, that's a pretty accurate description.

(a) Well, not GW's words per se, but the words usually written for him.

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Thomas said...

How have you been, Chris?